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The UAV Research Facility (UAVRF) at Georgia Tech is headed by Eric N. Johnson and does research related to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). The UAVRF operates several different vehicles and conducts flight tests to validate research findings.


Current Research

The UAVRF performs research to enable highly capable Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), aerial robots, and autonomous vehicle systems. Current research topics include:

Vision aided navigation and control
Highly capable adaptive control methods with robustness and performance guarantees
Active environmental perception, obstacle avoidance, and agile low altitude flight
Integrated guidance, navigation, and control of miniature UAS in cluttered GPS denied environments
Navigation and estimation theory and sensor fusion
Decentralized control and management of mobile networks
Human UAS interaction

The UAVRF places a strong emphasis on control theoretic research. Flight experimentation is often used for validating developed theory, collecting relevant data, and for motivating new areas of research.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Download description of current topics: UndergradResearch.pdf


Vehicle Descriptions
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Georgia Tech Aerial Robotics
Georgia Tech UAV Simulation Tool (GUST)

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Dr. Eric N. Johnson 
Lockheed Martin Associate Professor of Avionics Integration
Jeong Hur 
Research Engineer
Henrik Christopherson 
Research Engineer
Claus Christmann 
Ph.D. Student
Daniel Magree
Ph.D. Student
John G. Mooney 
Ph.D. Student
Dmitry Bershadsky
Ph.D. Student
Gerardo De La Torre 
Ph.D. Student
Stephen Haviland
M.S. Student
Takuma Nakamura 
M.S. Student
Lee Whitcher
M.S. Student


No current visiting researchers.


Dr. Girish Chowdhary 
Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University
Dr. Tansel Yucelen 
Assistant Professor, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Dr. Suresh K. Kannan 
NodeIn, CT
Dr. Allen Wu 
Rockwell Collins, VA
Dr. D. Michael Sobers, Jr. 
Dr. Syed Irtiza Ali Shah 
National University of Science & Technology
Dr. Yoko Watanabe 
Dr. Jincheol Ha
Guided System Technologies
Dr. Seung-Min Oh 
Dr. Shannon Twigg 
Lockheed Martin
Rajeev Chandramohan
Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.
Ep Pravitra, M.S. 
Royal Thai Air Force Academy
Fritz Langford, M.S. 
Aurora Flight Sciences, VA
Eohan George, M.S.
M. Scott Kimbrell, M.S. 
Physical Optics Corporation
John Ottander, M.S. 
Robert Watts, M.S. 
Wesley DeBusk, M.S. 
R. Wayne Pickel 
Adaptive Flight, Inc.
Shusaku Yamaura, M.S. 
Assistant Professor at Wakayama University, Japan
Hugo De Blauwe, M.S. 
McKinsey & Company
Eugene Jones, M.S. 
Joel Dunham, M.S. 
Lockheed Martin
Stewart Geyer, M.S. 
Lockheed Martin
Jason Fine, M.S. 
Aurora Flight Sciences
Anthony Arkwright, M.S. 
Cesar Carrillo, M.S. 
Blue Origin
Greg Ivey, M.S. 
Lockheed Martin
Michael Turbe, M.S. 
Allison A. Proctor, M.S. 
Tom Apker, M.S. 
Ph.D. candidate at University of Notre Dame
Mike Baldwin, M.S. 
Ole Jakobsen, M.S. 
Alex Moodie, M.S. 
Mike Curry, M.S. 
CS Draper Labs
Adrian Koller, M.S. 
Daniel Miau, M.S. 
Sebastien Fontaine, M.S. 
Jörg Dittrich, M.S. 
Head of department, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles division, the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Braunschweig
Aaron D. Kahn, M.S. 
Naval Research Laboratory
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