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Welcome to the site of the controls group at the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology.



You can find a repository of our publications on our own servers or at Georgia Techs SMARTech repository.

You can find an complete list of these publications in BibTeX format here. Once there, show the page source with your browser (Ctrl-U in Firefox), select the text, and save as a plain text file, e.g. controls.bib.

For publications that are not necessarily published by the group but are listed in the database because we refer to them. here

Dynamics and Control related Research Groups

The faculty at the Daniel Guggenheim School of Engineering has build up several research groups inside the AE department:

UAV Research Facility

Air Transportation Laboratory

Costello Research Group

Dynamics and Control Systems Laboratory

Related campus wide initiatives:

Cognitive Engineering Center

Decision and Control Laboratory



The School of Aerospace Engineering host an identical list at http://www.ae.gatech.edu/directory/controls .

Prof. Calise, Anthony

Prof. Clarke, John-Paul

Prof. Costello, Mark

Prof. Craig, James

Prof. Feron, Eric

Prof. Haddad, Wassim

Prof. Johnson, Eric

Prof. Prasad, JVR

Prof. Pritchett, Amy

Prof. Schrage, Daniel

Prof. Tsiotras, Panagiotis

You can find a complete list of all members of the AE faculty at http://www.ae.gatech.edu/directory/faculty .

Useful Links

Georgia Tech UAV Simulation Tool

Georgia Tech Aerial Robotics

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